Mother Dolphins Sing Their Name to Their Young in the Womb

It was discovered that mother dolphins sing their name to their young in the womb in a recent research conducted in Denver. It was proven that humans are not the sole creatures who can speak to her baby inside the womb. Dolphins make use of their unique whistle to communicate with their infant. This practice usually happens just when the mother dolphin is about to give birth and a couple of weeks after it has given birth.

The mother dolphins perform the whistling in order to recognize one another. Based on studies, they do this more often before giving birth and two weeks after the calf has been born. Studies reveal that there are theories that explain why this transpires and one that stands out is the fact that this is the mother dolphin's way to teach their infant how to come up with their own signature sound.

In 2014, researchers conducted a study on a dolphin mother at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in California. A baby dolphin named Mira was born. The researchers were able to record 80 hours of the sounds produced by the calf, the mother dolphin, and their fellow dolphins in an enclosed area. This research proves that the mother dolphin really started performing signature whistle two weeks before it was due to give birth and persisted two weeks after giving birth.