Why do kangaroos kick-box?

Almost everyone has seen pictures of female kangaroos carrying her young baby in her pouch, but these fascinating animals have other interesting behaviors. One of them is kick-boxing. Have you ever wondered why they do it? Here’s the reason:

Kangaroos are very possessive and protective animals, and the males very often fight to protect the female they have chosen. The females don’t choose their partners because of their looks, but over how strong they are. This means that the males need to fight in order to be able to win the attention of the female in question.

Kangaroos don’t bite or scratch their opponent. They balance on their tremendously strong tail and use their feet and arms; it does look like kick boxing, but it’s much more intense. Kangaroos are very strong and their punch is much stronger than a human’s punch. They are tall, heavy and their hind quarters are very muscular as their legs are adapted for running, jumping and striking.

Even though kangaroos are peaceful and usually don’t attack humans, they can become dangerous. During mating season, males can become very aggressive and view any intruder as a challenger. Even offering the male a piece of fruit can be interpreted as an invitation to fight, especially if the kangaroo has already fought with other males.

The females can also kick-box, but only when they have to defend themselves or their baby joey against other kangaroos. They are more calm and friendlier than the males but their seemingly peaceful attitude should not be taken for granted. Just be vigilant and watch your actions around them and make sure you don’t try your luck against a kangaroo.