Cat falls 12 stories in Manhattan and survives

An Egyptian Mau cat named Gizmo is one lucky cat. He fell 12 floors from a Manhattan apartment penthouse and lived to tell the tale. Gizmo survived the fall and was given a relatively clean bill of health by the veterinarian. Gizmo suffered only a broken tooth and few scratches.

Apparently, Gizmo slipped from the terrace railing and landed on a skylight on the third floor wedging himself between the window and the wall. Samuel Jacobs, Gizmo’s owner, arrived at his 15th-floor apartment on East 32nd Street but couldn’t find Gizmo. He called him from his patio and couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Gizmo lying motionless on the third floor skylight. He says he wasn’t sure whether he was alive or dead.

Samuel was forced to enlist the help of a building porter to get to the overhang from his neighbors’ terrace on the third floor and was shocked to see his four-year-old Gizmo. Unbelievably, the cat was still alive. Samuel says he expected him to have at least some broken bones, but miraculously he had no severe injuries. Jacob says Gizmo looked so relieved to see him, although he was scared.

Cats do have a righting reflex but whether this is what saved Gizmo is unknown. The righting reflex in cats enables them to land on their feet in the event of a fall. This minimizes the damage to their internal organs. Cats do not have a functional collarbone better known as the clavicle. This phenomenon may have saved Gizmo.