Halifax has a Feral Cat Problem

Halifax, a city that is located in Nova Scotia, Canada is currently facing a serious problem that needs to be resolved fast and amicably. The Halifax Regional Municipality is in dire need of residents who are willing to join the domestic and feral cat advisory committee to provide insights on how to deal with the increasing population of felines in the city.

According to sources, it is almost impossible to count the number of feral cats that are spotted freely walking around the city, but some believe that there could be tens of thousands. This increase population has led to a stiff competition for the available food sources. Some of the cats have no option but to beg for food at people’s homes and get into garbage containers. One of the veterinarians who serves in this region, Dr. Hugh Chisholm, who is also a member of the advisory committee, says that some of the cats have even harmed wildlife.

The committee was established this year and is looking for two new members to help them solve this issue completely. One of their primary objectives is to manage the feral cat population but controlling the breeding. The committee also plans to launch a trap-neuter-return program in conjunction with the local cat rescue groups who have been operating for many years and have a clear understanding of the colonies.

To succeed, the team will need to carry out intensive research to understand the breeding pattern of this cat species as well as consult experts. All the information gathered will be submitted to the city animal control services board to help them make informed decisions and prevent this menace from recurring in future. Will their efforts yield positive results? Will the community support their initiatives? Only time will tell.