Three kid-friendly dog breeds to choose to join your family

If you are looking for a new dog for your family and you have little children, then you will have to be very careful about the breed of dog that you choose. There are many kid-friendly dog breeds to choose to join your family. The following three breeds have a reputation for being great with babies, toddlers, younger kids, and even teenagers so they really are perfect dogs for the family.

Bulldogs: They are very friendly and gentle they can tolerate being mauled by little children. They are full of fun and love to play. They generally don’t jump up on small children and seem to understand the difference between a toddler and a teenager. They are great for families who live in the urban area too.

Boxer: These dogs love to play with and they love to make their owners happy. They are quite active and love to run around with children of all ages. Boxers are loving dogs and they sometimes think they are lapdogs. Most Boxers will outlive other breeds of dogs as well.

Labradoodle: This dog is not strictly a breed; it is a cross between a Labrador and a Standard Poodle. They have a wonderful temperament – calm but playful. They are really smart and they love to be around people, especially children. Most Labradoodles have short curly hair and they do not shed. This makes them an excellent choice for families who have someone in the family who is allergic to dog hair.