Two giant dog breeds that are great pets

Dogs are great pets, and for thousands of years they have been domesticated. However, there are some breeds that don’t seem very friendly, and many people assume that if a dog is large it is also aggressive or unfriendly. The truth is far from this, as there are many giants dogs that are very loving with the children and very good for families. Here are two breeds that you should find out more about:

  • The Great Dane. The Great Dane is probably the largest dog in the world, and many people hesitate to bring one into the home. They were supposed to be guard dogs thanks to their huge body, but the Great Dane is far from being aggressive. He is actually a family dog and he is very gentle with children. He does not prefer to stay outside, and the most comfortable bed for him is the couch. Now that’s a huge toy to have around!

Newfoundland. If you like big dogs but you want something fluffy, you will find this breed very attractive. With a long, luxurious coat and cute face, the Newfoundland resembles a small bear. Of course, the dog is as friendly as it is tall, and you should never worry about leaving your children alone with the dog. The Newfoundland is gentle, loving, and intelligent and will adapt very quickly to any house. He will need grooming often. Apart from this, they are famous for being very playful, so if you want to enjoy some time in nature, this breed is a perfect choice.