Do Ferrets make good house pets?

After cats and dogs, ferrets make the best pets. The only thing they need is food, water, safety and the attention of their owner. These are carnivores and love bits of raw meat and fat. They are unable to digest vegetables, so you should avoid giving them to them (they will probably eat it, but it is not good for their health). The following are a few qualities of ferrets that make then good house pet:

  • Intelligent / mentally sharp

The previous records of ferrets show that they are mentally sharp and are problem solvers. They will entertain you with their antics. You must keep a sharp eye out on how their cage is fastened as they can work out how to escape.

  • Ferrets don’t produce noise

Ferrets sleep for most of the day. They don’t produce much noise. If you find any ferret making noise, then you should investigate because your ferret may be in a serious condition or in trouble.

  • Size

Ferrets are very small in size as compared to a cat or most dogs. You don’t need to purchase a large cage for your ferret. They will go willingly into their cage when they need to sleep, otherwise they will keep on playing outside their cage. It is not often that you have to worry about them or where they are. They will always return to the food bowl.

  • Ferrets are easy to train

You can easily train your ferret using what you know about how they take care of themselves, how they love their food and treats, and how they protect their cage from danger.