8 Tests for Your 8 Week-Old Puppy to Determine Intelligence and Temperament

No matter how adorable your puppies are, they need to undergo tests so you can determine their intelligence and temperament. Like humans, dogs behave based on their genetics and the environment.

There are breeds that are relatively shy and timid and some that are extremely curious. Some breeds can handle pain really well while others are sensitive and have a low pain tolerance. When the puppies hear noises, there are breeds that will just ignore it and some that will get really bothered.

You have to know how your puppy responds to different people and situations. This way, you can take care of your pet the most appropriate way possible.

Here are 8 tests suitable for an 8 week-old puppy for you to know its level of intelligence and temperament.

  1. Put the puppy on its back and stroke his stomach. If he remains on his back and lets you rub him, he is not aggressive.
  2. Have the puppy lie on the ground and tenderly rub its paws. Does it allow his ears to be tugged? If so he is gentle and non-aggressive.
  3. Touch the puppy's ear gently. Does it mind?
  4. Touch its tails and see how it will react. This will tell you if he spooks easily and if he is a biter and aggressive or compliant and trusting.
  5. Check how he responds to approaching people, especially strangers. Know how his actions when another dog is around. This will give you a clue as to his aggressiveness or shyness.
  6. See if the puppy has a dominate or submissive personality when it plays with other dogs.
  7. Put the puppy with the other dogs in a low chair. See if your pet wants to jump off first. This will test how dominant your puppy is.
  8. Make food available for your puppy and some other puppies. See how assertive your pet is in getting food. This shows dominance.