Do dogs’ teeth need cleaning yearly?

  1. Why do dogs need teeth cleaning?

The concept of professional dental cleaning is new to most of us. But once you know it’s important, you can protect your pet from suffering various oral health issues such as, gum disease, plaque, tooth loss, and pain from abscesses. Cleaning your dog’s teeth will help you to keep your pet’s teeth shiner and brighter but more importantly, help keep your dog healthier.

  1. How often is dog teeth cleaning needed?

Once a year is a good interval for a dog to have dental cleaning, but this timing depends on the condition and breed of dog. Some dogs need more sessions of a dental cleaning due to the fact that some breeds are notorious for tooth decay, so genetics and breeds play a huge part.

  1. Do I really have to bring my pet dog in yearly for teeth cleaning?

A common dental disease in dogs (known as dog periodontal disease) is a widespread disease in dogs. If this disease is not treated, it can shorten your dog’s life. Periodontal disease can cause bad breath, chronic pain, damage to a major organ, or destroy your dog’s gums, bones, and teeth. Infection at the root of any tooth can spread to the sinus cavities, the eye sockets or result in abscesses. Weekly brushing at home and regular professional dental cleaning can eliminate those possibilities.

  1. Professional dental cleaning:

Annual professional dental cleaning at a veterinary clinic is very important. The procedure entails complete anesthetic to enable an extensive cleaning plus the extraction of any teeth that need to be removed.